The conference hall

Business people are not used to wasting time, so the Valeri Classic hotel – located in the Business center STEL is an ideal choice for businessmen, coming to Voronezh on business. Our guests will find excellent service and comfortable business class rooms. And most importantly we offer excellent conditions to work in the conference hall.

This conference hall is decorated in a modern style and equipped with everything needed for conferences, presentations, receptions, coffee breaks and seminars, it can seat 60 people. You have access to presentation equipment: an overhead projector, multimedia projector, audio-acoustic equipment, radio microphone etc.


Конференц-зал гостиницы Valeri ClassicКонференц-зал гостиницы Valeri ClassicКонференц-зал гостиницы Valeri ClassicКонференц-зал гостиницы Valeri Classic


You will have everything you need for work, long distance negotiations and communication at hand: the Internet, a mail box for facsimiles, a telephone and a fax. You can quickly print out and copy documents. If you want to arrange a video conference with your partners from another city, we will provide you with the possibility. Our conference hall is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and you will not have any problems establishing communication.

Any event, be it a presentation or a conference, makes a much better impression when accompanied by a reception. Our staff will arrange coffee breaks during your work as well as receptions afterwards.

The Valeri Classic Hotel is an ideal place for rest and for work!


The price for renting the conference hall:


Occupation (number of people) Duration (hour) Price, rubles
60 1 hour 1300-00


The price for renting presentation and additional equipment:


Name Unit of measure Price, rubles
Multimedia projector 1 hour 500-00
Overhead projector 1 hour 100-00
Radio microphone 1 hour 100-00
Audio-acoustic equipment 1 hour 300-00
Sending a facsimile 1 page 5-00 in the city
10-00 to other cities
Print out 1 page 2-50 (w/out paper)
5-00 (with paper)
Flip chart  + 4 markers 1 hour 100-00
Paper for flip chart 10 sheets 300-00
Laptop 1 hour 500-00