The restaurant

The hotel restaurant: a convenient location and wonderful cuisine


We are happy to welcome the guests of the Valeri Classic Hotel as well as all the guests and citizens of Voronezh at the Italian restaurant Milano Ricci, located in the hotel. No-one will be left indifferent by the delicious Mediterranean dishes cooked by our chef for the guests of the hotel and the exquisite wines to accompany them. Nevertheless, the food and the drinks are not the only things which make the restaurant attractive for the guests. The interior, the service and even the music play an important role too.

While the restaurant is decorated in the Mediterranean style, it is characterized by a warm homey atmosphere. The restaurant hall is done in light, pacifying colours in the best European traditions. Your meal will be accompanied by pleasant relaxing music, which does not distract you.

One of the main characteristics making Milano Ricci attractive for our guests is the excellent European-level service. Here you can enjoy the charm of classical Italian restaurants and real western service. Your visit to Milano Ricci will stay in your memory for a long time and you will want to become our regular.


Ресторан Milano Ricci

Ресторан Milano Ricci Ресторан Milano Ricci Ресторан Milano Ricci Ресторан Milano Ricci