Valeri Classic

Home atmosphere will fill your stay in our hotel with minutes of peace and comfort! We can offer you comfortable “Business class” and “Premium Class” rooms where everything is clearly thought starting from the quiеt interior to free Internet access that will be valuable for our businessmen guests.

Additional services


The hotel restaurant: a convenient location and wonderful cuisine


We are happy to welcome the guests of the Valeri Classic Hotel as well as all the guests and citizens of Voronezh at the Italian restaurant Milano Ricci, located in the hotel. No-one will be left indifferent by the delicious Mediterranean dishes cooked by our chef for the guests of the hotel and the exquisite wines to accompany them. Nevertheless, the food and the drinks are not the only things which make the restaurant attractive for the guests. The interior, the service and even the music play an important role too.

While the restaurant is decorated in the Mediterranean style, it is characterized by a warm homey atmosphere. The restaurant hall is done in light, pacifying colours in the best European traditions. Your meal will be accompanied by pleasant relaxing music, which does not distract you.

One of the main characteristics making Milano Ricci attractive for our guests is the excellent European-level service. Here you can enjoy the charm of classical Italian restaurants and real western service. Your visit to Milano Ricci will stay in your memory for a long time and you will want to become our regular.


The conference hall


Business people are not used to wasting time, so the Valeri Classic hotel – located in the Business center STEL is an ideal choice for businessmen, coming to Voronezh on business. Our guests will find excellent service and comfortable business class rooms. And most importantly we offer excellent conditions to work in the conference hall.This conference hall is decorated in a modern style and equipped with everything needed for conferences, presentations, receptions, coffee breaks and seminars, it can seat 60 people. You have access to presentation equipment: an overhead projector, multimedia projector, audio-acoustic equipment, radio microphone etc.

You will have everything you need for work, long distance negotiations and communication at hand: the Internet, a mail box for facsimiles, a telephone and a fax. You can quickly print out and copy documents. If you want to arrange a video conference with your partners from another city, we will provide you with the possibility. Our conference hall is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and you will not have any problems establishing communication.

Any event, be it a presentation or a conference, makes a much better impression when accompanied by a reception. Our staff will arrange coffee breaks during your work as well as receptions afterwards.

The Valeri Classic Hotel is an ideal place for rest and for work!

Personal services

A morning newspaper, freshly pressed clothes, a convenient parking lot… If you decide to stay at the Valery Classic Hotel during your visit to Voronezh, you will not have to give up your habits.

The Valeri Classic hotel offers all kinds of services to its guests.

You will have access to

  • Convenient parking lot, located right next to the hotel
  • Laundromat where your clothes will be washed and ironed
  • Booking of train and plane tickets
  • Pharmacy with all the necessary medicines
  • Wake-up call, which will help you to be sure that you will not miss an important event
  • Kiosk where you can purchase souvenirs, presents, books, magazines and some basic things.


Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Valeri Classic Hotel.

Business center

If only it was possible to go to another city on a business trip with all your office and your chair… This idea comes to many people who constantly have to travel for business. It is so easy to schedule meetings, organize conferences and conduct negotiations, when you have all the means of communication within reach. And how much you miss all this when you are many kilometers away from your office.

The guests of the Valeri Classic Hotel live and work at the same pace as at home because they have access to all the technical services which they may need to do their job.

The Valeri Classic Hotel offers the following technical services:

  • Rental of office equipment and safes;
  • Internet, e-mail;
  • National and international telephone service;
  • Fax;
  • Copy;
  • Type up texts.


At the Valeri Classic Hotel everything is ready for you not only to rest, but also to work. So when you are planning a business trip to Voronezh, call us and book of our comfortable rooms.

The Valeri Classic Hotel is an ideal place to conduct successful negotiations and to strike the greatest deals.


Freedom of movement is what we miss so much when are in another city without a car.

The Valeri Classic Hotel has made sure that you are comfortable in Voronezh. We offer all kinds of transportation services to our guests.

Whatever the purpose of your visit, no matter how well you know the city, you have to admit that your mobility is limited by a big suitcase. Use our transfer service and we will meet you at the airport, train station or bus station or in any other place you name, and we will take you to the hotels doorstep. There you will be met by the attentive staff of the Valeri Classic Hotel and accompanied to your room.

…Most probably you are not planning to spend your whole time in Voronezh at the hotel. Excursions, business meetings, special events, visits to the city’s entertainment centers… The Valeri Classic Hotel in Voronezh will order you a taxi which will take you to an address you provide and take you back to your cozy room at a designated hour.

The Valeri Classic Hotel gives its guests the freedom of movement.